Triangle Research optimizes integrated PLCs

Triangle Research International ( has announced the latest addition to its extensive portfolio of programmable logic controllers (PLC) for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) — the FMD1616-10 and FMD88-10 PLCs.


These new FMD PLCs complete Triangle Research’s lineup of highly integrated “Super PLCs”, which starts from the small Nano-10 to the F-series. The super PLC series blends the easy-to-use and powerful i-TRILOGI Ladder+BASIC software with a vast array of features, such as PWM, PID, built-in analog and digital I/Os, stepper controls, encoders, and on-board communication ports which enables connection to other devices.

The FMD models allow Nano-10 PLC users easy creation of graphic web page without the need of writing any Internet program. For remote interaction with the controlled device, users simply have to define a background image and modify significant variables that define the location and I/O labels over the image on a browser screen.

Aside from making the FMD model PLCs remotely accessible for OEM troubleshooting and machine monitoring, the company’s iTRILOGI client/server software also allows easy integration into mixed-brand PLC networks and environments.

As implied by the model name, the FMD88-10 comes with eight digital inputs and outputs, and 10 analog I/Os while the FMD1616-10 features 16 digital inputs and outputs, and 10 analog I/Os. Specially designed with an I/O expansion port, both models also offers RS485 and RS232 serial ports, LCD display interface and an Ethernet port which has become quite indispensable.

The FMD1616-10 and FMD88-10 are available at $295 and $229 respectively.

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