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Getting Down To The Basics Of Motion Control

Miles Budimir, Senior Editor of Design World and, has written the Motion Control Tips Guide. This guide reviews various topics related to motion control components including, the difference between PC-based and stand-alone controllers, and the basics of absolute and incremental encoders. 

Motion Control Tips Editor Miles Budimir...

has assembled a design guide on the basics of motion control to help design engineers better understand the various components and their applications. Topics include:

The difference between absolute and incremental encoders

How PC-based controls differ from traditional motion controls

How linear stepper motors compare to familiar rotary types

The difference between contouring and point-to-point motion

Miles Budimir- Senior Editor, Motion Control Tips

Miles Budimir is a senior editor with WTWH Media. He holds a BSEE from Cleveland State University and has experience working in the test and measurement and controls industry. He covers a broad range of motion control technology including motors and controllers at Motion Control Tips and Linear Motion Tips.

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