Yokogawa optimizes STARDOM Network-based Control System

Yokogawa Electric Corporation (www.yokogawa.com) has optimized its STARDOM network-based control system to include new modules and enhance its monitoring and control software.

Comprised of FCN/FCJ autonomous controllers, the STARDOM network-based control system is utilized as the main controller of equipment in small- to medium-size manufacturing plants.

However, with the advent of various applications, users need a controller that supports various communication protocols as it has to connect with other vendor’s devices such as motor control centers (MCCs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).


Monitored and operated as a DCS subsystem, the STARDOM’s security measures must be equal with those utilized by the DCS to protect it from cyber-attacks, while its Web-based SCADA software requires a more general-purpose application development environment.

Eliminating the need for a gateway, the enhanced version of STARDOM features new modules that allow the FCN autonomous controller to directly communicate with devices and facilities that use PROFIBUS-DP and CANopen industrial communication protocols.

The all-new STARDOM is also equipped with an IT security setting tool to help users configure various security models with CENTUM VP. This effectively provides the system with total system robust protection from cyber-attacks.

“With field digital technologies that make effective use of plant information through the digitization of communications between field devices and control systems, Yokogawa is helping its customers realize the VigilantPlant concept,” said Takashi Nishijima, Director of Yokagawa Meters & Instrument Corporation at Yokogawa Electric Corp and Senior Vice President of the Industrial Automation Platform Business Headquarters.

“This new version allows customers to implement digital communication with both PA and FA devices. Digital information can be used to integrate on-site device management and maintenance. Device diagnostics help improve availability at our customers’ plants. This will truly realize asset maximization.”

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